Sunday, January 9, 2011

New year, new obsessions

I hate new year's resolutions. Don't do them.

Perhaps it's my fiery yet fleeting, Aries-like nature (I was told by not one, but two teachers, that I was "very much an Aries"...still not sure that was a compliment).

It's something I'm trying very hard to fight. This blog was created to not only channel and document my passions, but hold me accountable to them as well. For me, writing a blog is not about having a soapbox; it's about having a leash. Something that tethers you to your true passions, and doesn't let you stray too far in search of the sparkly and new.

But that's not to say that my interests shouldn't evolve over time. So in honor of 2011's arrival, here's a short list of things that are my current obsessions:

Momofuku Cookbook - I picked up this cookbook over the Thanksgiving weekend while in Portland. It's the best cookbook I've ever read. And that's not hyperbole. David Chang's straightforward approach to cooking interesting food, that draws influence from all over Asia, has catapulted him and the Momofuku empire to the top of the NYC restuarant heirarchy. It's cuisine without pretense.

Much of the cookbook is accesible even to the most basic cook. Try making the ginger scallion noodles. It's an incredibly simple recipe that is 10:2:1 ratio of scallions:ginger:grapeseed oil, with a little sherry and soy and salt. Add to ramen. That's it. Make it over and over, tweaking your approach each time. Add a fried egg. Add some braised pork. Add blanched bok choi, or blasted cauliflower/brocolli. Experiment! Just remember to bring mints AND brush your teeth will have some pretty harsh breath.

Pho - It's my new go-to lunch meal. It's warm and comforting, and you can play with the components based on how you're feeling that day. It may have to do that I date a wonderful Vietnamese woman that has shown me the light, because I did not appreciate pho in the way I do now. I just feel good after I have a bowl.

Girl Talk's new album, All Day - RIAA went to DEFCON 2 when this album hit a few months ago. The record is completely comprised of samples from approximately 70-80 hit songs, from the last 5 decades. I can't stop listening to this Frankenalbum, that features such manic mixes of Big Boi over Portishead's Sour Times, or Ludacris set to Phoenix's 1901.

Tapioca - I did not realize how versatile tapioca pearls can be until I recently saw a Top Chef contestant make a chilied tapioca dish. Now I want to mix it with all sorts of sauces to provide an interesting texture.

No Age's latest, Everything in Between - Solid record...give it a listen.

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