Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Smoothie Cleanse - Results

So after those three weeks of suffering, how did our smoothie cleanse go?

The first week as indicated by our previous blog was by far the most difficult. It was tough not getting hungry and being tired. Packing smoothies and snacks was sort of a chore but it meant we were no longer spending a lot of time cooking dinner. Mentally, I felt a little obsessed with food.

Once we incorporated one solid meal, everything was much easier. It's actually pretty easy to have two smoothie meals with one solid meal with snacks in between. We weren't tired and were only hungry sometimes. We've kept up by having at least one smoothie a day which is a really easy and it is an efficient way of getting additional fruits and veggies in. Also, we often have smoothies for dinner because it encourages us to eat bigger and more complete lunches and then have a light dinner via smoothie in the evening. An added bonus is that it is extremely convenient since we are not spending time cooking and meal planning. Our grocery bill is reasonable and we do not eat a lot of junk food since we mostly stock up on healthy snacks, veggies, fruit, Greek yogurt, kale and other smoothie accoutrements.

I highly recommend having a day of smoothies after an indulgent weekend - for example, my bachelorette party weekend and Nick's bachelor party drunk fest the week after. Trust me - nothing is as refreshing as a mango, pineapple and kale smoothie after a couple of days of alcohol, sugar, pizza and chips.

What were our results? I initially lost around 4-5 pounds after the holidays when we started our smoothie cleanse and my total weight loss now is around 6-7 pounds. Of course, I have been working out more as well and gaining a lot of muscle so it amounts to gradual but noticeable results. Nick's total weight loss has been around the 4-5 pound range.

We're down to the home stretch so we have been hitting up the smoothies again. Wish us luck!