Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It's a New Year! And We Have a Wedding to Slim Down For

Have you watched TV after January first? You are bombarded with countless commercials every time you turn on the TV; there are endless annoying ads featuring weight loss supplements, fit people jogging on treadmills to sell a new kind of gym membership, liposuction clinic deals and Jessica Simpson campaigning for Weight Watchers now that she's finally not pregnant again.

Ugh. New year resolutions are often filled with empty promises and weight loss is often the least successful of them all.

We've discussed eating healthy before on this blog, like when I shared how awesome zucchini noodles are. Nick and I are actually pretty healthy eaters; we get plenty of vegetables and kale, eat stuff like quinoa, wild-caught salmon and try not to keep junky snack food around like chips, cookies or ice cream. But we love food so much that we do tend to try new restaurants all of the time, partake in some eggs benedict at a cute brunch spot and order pizza or Thai food after an exhausting day at work. We're not unhealthy eaters but the inner fat kid in us is never afraid to indulge, which is fine for staying healthy or maintaining your weight. It's just not realistic for weight loss. And that has been our downfall, especially now since the wedding is closer than ever and we feel the pressure to dial up the slim down efforts rather than do the occasional workout or being complacent with the sporadic Molly Moons run.

Nick and I are going to make a concerted effort to try to lose weight for the wedding which will include much healthier eating, restricted calories and regular exercise. We can resume our normal eating habits afterwards. We're sharing our experiences, recipes and steps with you just to see how it will work out - and we would like you all to keep us accountable. Nothing we will do is dramatic; I am not a fan of the cycle of fasts and lemon juice cleanses that we encounter only to gain twice as much weight back again. Perhaps what we learn will help you or inspire you or simply amuse you.

Happy New Year!

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