Friday, August 24, 2012

Our New Favorite Joint in the Hood...

Spatzle with fried egg, mushrooms & chorizo cabbage
You may have noticed that Nick and I frequent a particular restaurant a lot. And Revel is amazing and probably will be our favorite place for a while.

However, we've got a new little neighborhood joint that we adore and is in contention for our favorite spot - and nothing we've eaten there has been disappointing. In fact, everything we've eaten is anything short of absolutely delicious and plate-lick worthy.

Lloyd Martin

Just wanted to throw this restaurant's name out there since it stands on its own. It's in the tiny spot at the top of QA that used to be Bricco. The place only has a bar and 6-7 small tables which keeps it intimate; its kitchen is also super small but whatever those guys make is going to be a perfect little plate that is lovingly made and perfectly executed.

I recommend the 64 degree egg and shrimp and grits. My daring statement is that it's the best shrimp and grits in town - beating out Toulouse Petit. 

Hit it up. We recommend it. Don't just take our word for it.

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