Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Great Seattle Breakfast Challenge

My normal Sunday morning view
Like Ted Mosby, Architect, we too love brunch.

We decided to embark on a mission with friends to find the best breakfast/brunch in Seattle! We have our usual list of beloved brunch places, namely Smith, Revel and Toulouse Petit but there are so many places in Seattle with wonderful breakfast dishes. So who makes the best eggs benedict? Where do you find the best pancakes or the most delicious omelet?

We'll find out and we'll let you know.

Here's a list of dishes we'll rate:

Eggs benedict
French toast
Shrimp and grits
Classic breakfast
Specialty dish
Bonus additions - best biscuit, best hashbrowns or potatoes, best gravy, best coffee, etc.

We'll score each dish on the following guidelines, on a scale of 1-5, 1 being terrible and 5 being awesome-sauce. We've already looked up and created standards at which they should be evaluated on.

·         Taste/flavor – 1 being either very bland, boring or so completely overseasoned/oversalted/too sweet that my tastebuds were blown out. 5 is extremely flavorful and well-balanced.  

·         Presentation – 1 is totally sloppy and chucked on a plate without rhyme or reason, 5 is beautifully and artfully presented. 3 would just be neat.

·         Preparation and quality  – 1 is it’s totally not to standard (eggs poached solid, something is totally burnt or super undercooked, etc) and 5 is made perfectly to standard, with quality ingredients. Fresh things should be fresh – spinach should be fresh and not frozen, bread should not be old or stale, cheese should be quality cheeses and not processed, etc.

·         Creativity/originality – This is the uniqueness of a dish and this category will only be used for a specialty dish.

Feel free to comment back and let us know where you think we should go and what we should eat there.


  1. Portage bay has my homage for best brunch spot! I can't wait to read your updates! If you need brunch company, let us know!

  2. "Nutter Butter French Toast" from Patty's Egg Nest gets my vote for best French Toast:

    Lemme know what you think!