Friday, January 20, 2012

Best French Toast Spots in Seattle

Seattle Weekly posted a blog about the best French Toast spots recently:

The summery french toast @ Smith. They change it seasonally.
While these are really excellent suggestions, I'd like to add a few spots that offer amazing French Toast. When it comes to breakfast, I am both an eggs benedict and a french toast connoisseur. French toast has to have a nice crust on the outside, yet be soft and fluffy throughout. The common issue with french toast is that a lot of cooks don't soak the bread in the batter enough so you get dry spots in your toast. Of course, if you soak the bread for too long, your toast gets soggy. 

Here are other notable spots:

If you're friends with Nick & I, you know we go here just about every Sunday. For a reason. I sort of don't want to spoil it by letting you know about this place and have it be overcrowded. On second thought, go to Coastal Kitchen across the street.

They only do it on weekends but their bread pudding style toast is custardy and amazing. 

Hi Life
If you're going to hit up a Chow Foods nosh spot, I would try Hi Life's french toast. The toasted, sugared hazelnuts and vanilla espresso marscapone is a winner here.

I would post Patty's Eggnest's peanut butter banana stuffed French Toast as one of the suggestions but I'm pretty sure that gave me a heart attack or type 2 Diabetes or something like that.

What other places give good toast? Let us know!

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