Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We're terrible and we know it

Clap your hands!
Yes - we know. It's been 2+ months without a peep. Our mega-blowout Vietnam post remains unwritten. Our reviews of new Seattle nosh joints like Poquitos having fallen by the wayside. We have failed you. A perfect storm of trips to Vietnam and Boston, a Sasquatch Music Festival adventure, numerous birthday parties (seriously, is EVERYONE born in April and May?!) me moving to First Hill, and general insanity at work have lead us to spend the vast majority of days like this:
  • 7am: wake up, shower, dress, go to work
  • 8am - 6pm: work
  • 7pm: get home, stare at the fridge for 20 minutes trying, to jury rig something of nutritional value
  • 8pm: get in bed, simultaneously open our laptops and work some more
  • 10pm: maybe read, maybe watch Top Chef Masters...but more than likely just pass out
  • 7am: rinse and repeat

The truly sad thing is that when polled, our peers lead decidedly similar lives.

So, if you were worried that Ann and I were face down in a ditch somewhere, you can relax. Face down in a noodle bowl, maybe.
We promise to get back to writing soon. There's a lot happening in the Seattle food scene right now, and if you haven't read Frank Bruni's synopsis yet, I recommend it, to tie you over until our triumphant return.

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