Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You give us Hannah Montana??

Seattle is the land of music. Correction. Seattle is the land of awesome music and I'm not just talking about Nirvana and Sir Mix A Lot. The Puget Sound region birthed and nutured acts such as Quincy Jones, Ray Charles, Death Cab for Cutie, Modest Mouse, Soundgargen, Queensryche, Heart, Alice in Chains and Jimi Hendrix as well as being a great city for independent and emerging musical acts from folk to jazz to rap - not to mention the incredible Seattle Symphony (and the fact that we have a multitude of other talented community orchestras) and the Seattle Opera which is one of the few opera companies brave enough to offer Wagner's Ring Cycle.

So tell me why. Why????? A 'why' that's wailed like Nancy Kerrigan screeched after getting clubbed in the leg... why did Microsoft decide to open up the first regional Microsoft Company store with Miley Cyrus?

Don't we have better taste than to celebrate a grand opening and a proud achievement with horrible teen-pop? I understand that the purpose of the store is to reach the general audience and provide them with access to Microsoft supported hardware and software - parents, kids, teens and those of us who don't drool over TigerDirect clearances and have their own SQL implementations in their garages. I get it. I also understand that some of our staple Microsoft-Geek bands like the Presidents of the United States of America or Harvey Danger may not draw the audience and buzz for the target market.
If I had my druthers, the store would be opening with a BFG-type band or at least a hip up and comer such as the Black Keys or Ghostland Observatory. Nonetheless, even if we're going to go pop instead of something a bit more cool and under the radar, I'd be happy with the Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna, Pink, or Maroon 5 or a a musical act that spans different age ranges and can put on an impressive show.  Doesn't Microsoft have the feeling that tonight is gonna be a good night since they are opening a new store?  Don't you need your Umbrella-ella-ella in the Pac Northwest after all?

The constant gray mist and the dark of the Seattle area fosters SAD in addition to the deep longing and aching that cultivates music genres we're known for such as the blues, grunge and emo music. Another explanation of why music and arts are so good here is because studies have shown that feeling sad makes us more creative. Sigh. Miley does make you want to slit your wrists so perhaps she fits in after all.

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  1. The surprise DMB show redeemed it. Thanks for that.