Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Mission

We met at a bar in the Fremont neighborhood. It's called the Ballroom. Most young Seattleites that read that last sentence will let out a loud guffaw. It's not the type of place you find a girlfriend. It's the type of place you find someone to rub up on. Maybe even take home for a night.

But I guess we bucked that trend.

About a month ago, we both looked at each other across a table at Rover's and realized something. Two of our shared passions, music and food, were being woefully unexamined. Ann exclaimed "We need to start a blog!" I agreed. We lived in this city, this Eden, with an established reputation for both innovative cuisine and fiercely independent music. To not explore them in tandem would be a travesty.

That is our mission.

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